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They are not good to dogs, I saw the abuse with my own eyes!

The dog we drove two hours to adopt was filthy, skin and bones and the Director grabbed him from us like he was a sack of potatoes....the volunteers was mortified at her behavior, it wasn't just us that saw this crackpot.

Then she rushed to micro chip him on site with dirty equipment and he screamed in pain....I am still heartsick over the sight & should have just grabbed him & taken him home.

His name was Zippy and we're sure he is dead as all the inquiries have gone unanswered.

The Humane Society said the problem with these independant groups is nobody watches them....the stories are terrible & One Step Closer Animal Rescue in Sparta New Jersey should be shut down.....they are a scam group & we are not the only people with complaints!

Product or Service Mentioned: One Step Closer Animal Rescue Pet Adoption.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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One Step Closer Animal Rescue (O.S.C.A.R.), in Sparta, NJ, is a non-profit rescue organization that saves dogs and cats from desperate situations. We are strictly an all volunteer group.

Nearly all of our volunteers work full-time jobs. Juggling the many demands of work, family, and the rescue is not easy. Fortunately, our volunteers are an amazing group of honest, hard-working, animal loving individuals who always have the best interest of the animals at heart. As some of you might already know, dealing with the public is not always easy.

No matter how hard we try, there will always be those who complain that we didn’t respond fast enough or are upset that their application was either rejected, or not selected, and they didn’t get the dog or cat they wanted. But rather than try and adopt one of the millions of homeless animals from another organization, they take the time to post a complaint. Some even take the time to post the same complaint twice. Then there are individuals who engage in a relentless campaign to try and discredit our organization.

These same individuals who rely on their good name to attract clients should understand the importance of one’s reputation. They should also understand that to knowingly post slanderous accusations on the internet is an actionable offense. Their spiteful comments truly say more about their character than anything about us. Our reputation speaks for itself in the many “Happy Tails” we receive on an almost daily basis.

“Happy Tails” are from past adopters who take the time to send us photos and updates on the animals they adopted from us. We are proud of our accomplishments and the seemingly endless list of “Happy Tails” posted on our website speak volumes about the work we do here at O.S.C.A.R. You can check them out here: We ask that everyone please spay or neuter your pets and remember – Don’t Shop!


Thank you. O.S.C.A.R.

to Anonymous #1496504

these organizations r not in it for the animals to high prices if they want people to adopt


There was nothing funny at all about the heartbreaking situation we experienced. So sad to think the poor dog we drove two hours to adopt was so terribly mistreated by this horrible group.


Why have no one from animal control gotten involved?


Funny the volunteers thought you were the crackpot. The foster mom was actually afraid of you and was fearful you would follow her home.

I was there I witnessed the whole fiasco you cause. It seemed to me you felt you should have been approved to be this dogs adopter just because you put in an application.

You put in an application, an application is not a guarantee that you will be approved to adopt the pet you applied for, just like when you put in an application for a job, just because you applied for it you may not get it, they pick the best candidate.

You may feel you were the best but your interviewer may have a different opinion.

to Anonymous #1040086

If you are the nutcase who harassed me on Facebook, you should not drink and text. The volunteers that contacted us afterwards.

The National Humane Society, the ASPCA, and Jackson Animal Shelter, the Atlantic City Humane Society, Barnegat Animal Clinic, Brunswick Animal Clinic & Forrest Oak Animal Hospital are just a few of the references we sumitted. No one should ever deal with or donate to One Step Closer Animal Rescue in Sparta New Jersey.

to Anonymous #1040103

Still no word from anyone at this scam group.

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